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Strail (or Social Trail), is a digital marketing team established back in 2019 to help out businesses with all sizes and budgets. Our services are fully billed per job as opposed to billing by the hour since we believe marketing is a time consuming job and it's simply unfair for our customers to pay for research when it's something we truly enjoy doing!

Please check out our video below for a visual representation of Strail.

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A list of our services may be seen below. Some of these may be more common in
certain packages as opposed to others. For a direct quote with a select few packages
involved feel free to contact us here.
Strail - SEO Optimisation
SEO Optimisation

We offer a fully effective SEO optimisation service to help your page get to the top of the search results quickly and effectively.

Strail - Web Development
Web Development

We will make you a custom tailored website to your needs and desires, including effective strategies for SEO.

Strail - Management

Strail offers full blown social media management for companies that require so. Posting schedules and policies are given upfront.

Strail - Design

Custom graphic design and artwork is most certainly a pricey task, especially for micro businesses who are likely to have a smaller budget for creative work. We have dedicated specialists who are able to create effective branding for your company.

Strail - Marketing

Marketing is something many businesses may overlook. Our entire team has past experience in marketing for all sorts of businesses, all found to be effective. We are able to find you partnerships, sponsorships and other connections with known influencers.

Meet Our Team

Strail - Matty W
Matty W
Chief Executive Officer

Management specialist, controls the companies human resources and overall operations.

Strail - Shahbaaz Z
Shahbaaz Z
Chief Marketing Officer

Company marketing designer, creates the graphical content for Strail and our customers. 

Strail - Milosz J
Milosz J
Chief Financial Officer

Company financial supervisor, analyses metrics that showcase the company's performance

Strail - Marius H
Marius M
Chief Operating Officer

Operating maestro, liaising between the organisation and clients, for quality assurance purposes.


Strail (or Social Trail), is a digital marketing team established back in 2019 to help out businesses with all sizes and budgets.

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